Some nice things people have said

A very BIG thank you for a very informative workshop on Saturday. I have already incorporated a few of the stretches in my day and tried a few on my clients as well. I look forward to the next workshop, keep up the AMAZING work you are doing… it is SO very needed.
— Kelli-Ann F. (Stretch Therapy Workshop 2017)
OMG loved loved loved this workshop. First stretch workshop I got useful information out of. Thanks Craig, sign me up for the next one!!!!
— Tanya-Lee G. (Stretch Therapy Workshop 2016)
Thanks so much Craig Rackemann for all your amazing advice and techniques. We may have grunted and groaned a bit but I know I got so much out of it!!!
— Sherin C. (Stretch Therapy Workshop 2016)
Was soooo good! I’d happily do that every weekend (and I think my body would thank me). Thanks Craig for your expertise.
— Jenna L. (Stretch Therapy Workshop 2016)
Saw a post on the Brisbane trail runners fb site at the last minute and figured my body really needed a good stretching, and the chance to learn more techniques would only help. Craig certainly didn’t disappoint, really got us thinking about how our muscles and joints behave and techniques to use these aspects to improve the way we approach stretching. Friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgable is the way I would describe Craig and his method of teaching. Thanks Craig.
— Pete T. (Stretch Therapy Workshop 2016)
So wanted to give you some feedback! On Sunday mum said her shoulder felt the best it has in years. She’s always had an achey shoulder for the past few years - nothing major, no injury, probably wear and tear from handbags and carrying kids. When she’s had a big weekend doing stuff - cleaning etc she often comments how much it’s hurting. Doesn’t stop her from anything though, but just annoying enough to be ‘there’. So yeah, she said she felt amazing and best in years. Thought that was pretty cool!
— Selina W. (Private Stretch Therapy Session 2015)

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- Thumper