Brisbane Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy is a safe and effective way to increase flexibility, build strength and release tension in your whole body. Feel better, move better, perform better!


Consistent practice is the only way to experience all the benefits that Stretch Therapy has to offer.

Regular classes are excellent options for anyone wanting to be expertly guided through stretching & movement sequences to relax the body and release any unnecessary tension.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Andy Pike from the Barefoot Physio in Cooran offers classes on the Sunshine Coast combining Stretch Therapy and yoga with specific tension release exercises.

Contact Andy on 0415 734 180.

  • 9:00am at Cooran Hall, Cooran

Brisbane, QLD

Diane Cousineau from Unfold Yoga & Stretch Therapy offers Stretch Therapy based classes in various locations around Brisbane.

Contact Diane on 0431 497 459.

  • 6:30am at Restoration Zone, Newstead
  • 6:00pm at Perform 360, Enoggera
  • 7:10pm at Urban Climb, Milton
  • 7:10pm at Urban Climb, Newstead
  • 6.15am at Perform 360, Enoggera
  • 9:30am at Restoration Zone, Newstead
  • 9:45am at Restoration Zone, Newstead
  • 4:30pm at Perform 360, Enoggera

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