Brisbane Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy is a safe and effective way to increase flexibility, build strength and release tension in your whole body. Feel better, move better, perform better!

About Brisbane Stretch Therapy

Brisbane Stretch Therapy was founded by Craig Rackemann in 2015 to offer Stretch Therapy based stretching & flexibility classes, workshops and private sessions to students in and around the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas of QLD Australia.

He has been an active student of the Stretch Therapy system since his first experience in 2011, at a time when he had spent well over a decade slowly decaying behind a computer desk and was searching to regain the pain free and effortless movement he enjoyed in his youth.

With an extensive background in competitive team sports and gymnastics, the immense value of Stretch Therapy was obvious. This was the turning point, and after successfully rehabilitating his own broken body his passion is now to share this information to enable others to feel better, move better, and perform better!

About Stretch Therapy™

Stretch Therapy is a comprehensive mind and body practice that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation techniques.

Through mindful practice of Stretch Therapy you will experience:

  • Increased awareness of the unique patterns of tension in your body
  • Improved posture, flexibility and mobility
  • More efficient alignment and movement patterns
  • Improved athletic performance

Stretch Therapy is a complete system of strength, flexibility and movement, yet is also highly adaptable and can be used to enhance your performance in other training systems and physical practices. Modalities such as Yoga, CrossFit, gymnastics, dance and martial arts all share the common requirement that in order to move and perform at a high level you first require flexibility, mobility and strength.

Stretch Therapy is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, and is currently being practised by thousands of people worldwide.

For more information visit the Stretch Therapy website.

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